USE WITH Selective Herbicides

Turf Rate: 32-64 oz./100 gal.

Size: 1 qt. or 2.5 gal.


Improve™-Premium Nonionic Surfactant has excellent wetting and surface tension attributes.  It provides enhanced penetration and allows the spray droplet to remain in a moist state long enough to allow enhanced pesticide uptake.  Improve™ does not contain isopropyl alcohol or fatty acids as an “active” ingredient.  It does include an effective silicone based de-foaming system that allows the spray solution to be relatively foam free.  The active portion also contains a small amount of a proprietary humectant blend that enhances the “re-wetting” properties of the base NIS blend.  Improve™ may be used in aquatic applications at labeled rates.


Turf and hydrophobic soils can benefit from Improve™ by allowing water to infiltrate the soil. Experience is the best guide for correct rates.  Use a range of 2-8 oz. of Improve™/M initially, then 1/2 of the initial rate used monthly.  Always use at least 2 gal. water/M. when applying Improve™.


Condition ND™

Use With Roundup

Rate: 16-64 oz./100 gal.

Size: 2.5 gal.


CONDITION ND™ is a unique, superior water conditioning agent. It contains ammonium sulfate and a multi-functional water conditioning agent which renders Ca, Mg, and Fe unavailable to the complex with a pesticide.

Orange Peel™

Rate: 4-8 oz./gal.

Size: 1 qt.


Orange Peel™ is an all-natural, solvent degreaser for extremely heavy-duty soils.  It contains no petroleum or chlorinated solvents. Orange Peel™ is 100% active ingredients.

Duo Stick Select™

Use With Herbicides that have Quinclorac

Turf Rate: 16-48 oz./100 gal.

Size: 1 qt.


Duo Stick Select™ is a high-quality blend of organo-silicone surfactants (OSS) and methylated soybean oils (MSO).  Make sure to use it with Quinclorac.  Designed for use with herbicides that call for an MSO and does not exclude the use of an OSS.  Duo Stick Select™ will be the last product added to the tank mix.


Adhere™ (Spreader/Sticker)

USE WITH Insecticides

Landscape Rate: 3-12 oz./100 gal.

Size: 1 qt.


ADHERE™ is a superior, concentrated "sticker". It spreads the solution over the leaf surface, then forms a pliable film containing the pesticide.  This film will resist "wash-off", and since the film is flexible, the plant may grow without damaging the barrier formed.

Fungicide Activator™

Turf Rate: 1 pt./100 gal.

Size: 1 pt.


High-quality adjuvant designed for use with systemic and contact fungicides to augment the performance of the active ingredients while extending disease control.

Prevent™ Defoamer

Turf Rate: 0.5-2 oz./100 gal.

Size: 1 qt.


Prevent™ is a high performance, concentrated silicone antifoam solution. It is designed to provide efficient, economical foam control. When used according to directions, Prevent™ can be used to "prevent" foam formation, or eliminate existing foam.

Turf Marker Blue Select™

Turf Rate: 16-24 oz./ 100 gal.

Size: 1 gal.


Turf Marker Blue Select™ is a versatile, easy-to-use, non-toxic colorant for turf and ornamental liquid pesticide and fertilizer applications.  It helps show applicators where they have sprayed to help avoid costly over-application.

Prime Oil Select™

Turf Rate:  0.75-6 oz./M

Size:  2.5 gal.


Prime Oil Select™ is a product that is a combination of a surfactant and herbicide to help penetrate waxy cuticles of weed leaves.  It is a crop oil that is compatible with most defoliants.



Rate: 2-2.5 gal./A

Size: 1 gal.


Transflim® coats the plant’s leaves in a glossy film that protects the plant while decreasing the rate of transpiration.  It can also help reduce dew formation on turf grass, which is beneficial on turf such as golf courses.

Remove™ Spray Tank Cleaner

Rate: 32 oz./ 100 gal.

Size. 1 gal.


REMOVE™ Spray Tank Cleaner is a superior, concentrated cleaning material. This product can help remove all the buildup and residues remaining in the tank after application.


Turf Rate:  0.5-1 oz./100 gal.

Size:  1 qt.


Control™ is a highly concentrated drift mitigation adjuvant that increases droplet size while decreasing droplet bounce.  It also lowers the rate of evaporation giving the product more time to work its way into the plant.


Field King 4 - Gallon 18V Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer 

• 18 volt Lithium-Ion 2.1 Ah Battery charges in 3.5 hours (charger included).
• Premium, lockable shutoff; 21 inch poly wand; and the quality Viton seals for chemical resistance.
• Up to 4 hours of spray duration on a single charge or 50 gallons of liquid (with 8002 nozzle).
• Pre-set spraying pressure at 40 psi, 0.2 GPM, for typical landscape applications (with 8002 nozzle).
• Powder-coated Steel frame for durability and chemical resistance.
• Fully padded back harness for all day spraying comfort.
• Triple filtration system prevents clogging during use and enables pump longevity.
• Includes 4 nozzles: brass adjustable, low volume flat fan, high volume flat fan, and foaming nozzle.

Spred-Rite® G

Granular Spreader

For application of granular herbicides, fungicides, insecticides or fertilizers in landscape areas. Use for edging with granular herbicides around buildings, grave markers and landscapes or flower beds. Use along walls, fences, walks and curbs.

Field King 2 - Gallon 7.2V Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Sprayer

• 7.2 Volt rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and integrated pump.
• Sprays up to 20 gallons per battery charge.
• High-end components are meant for daily professional use.
• Pressure regulating switch maintains constant operating pressure at 20 PSI for consistent application rates.
• Pressure relief valve allows for safely removing pressure prior to opening tank.
• Includes 3 nozzles: a 30° fan spray nozzle, a 70° fan spray nozzle, and a brass adjustable nozzle.

Smith NL400 4- Gallon Backpack Pump Sprayer

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