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Athletic Infield Products

Turface® products enable fields to perform to their fullest, through wet springs and dry summers.  They are used on more fields across America than any other brand.  For over 40 years no one has done better.

Turface® Soil Conditioners
MVP®, Pro League®: Red, Heritage Red, 

Rate: 2 yds.³/M

Size: 50 lbs.

Why does Turface® work better than any other conditioners on the market?

· It Absorbs Its Weight in Water:

The reason Turface® is called “the game saver” is because the calcined clay particles act like a sponge. In fact, 74% of a Turface® particle is pore space, which allows it to absorb its weight in water. After a rain, the excess water is sucked away from the infield mix and absorbed by Turface® particles.


· Its Low Bulk Density Covers More Ground: When comparing Turface® to competitive products be sure to compare cost by volume, rather than cost by pound. For example, the bulk density of Turface MVP® is 972 lbs./yrd³.


Turface® Quick Dry®*

Rate: Varies

Size: 50 lbs.


The fine particle size of Turface® Quick Dry® makes it the perfect choice for eliminating puddles and standing water.  Make sure to remove after the event.

Mar-Co Clay Products

  • Redimound Pitcher's Mound Clay is moisturized and has a putty-like texture which is easily shaped 

  • Redibrick Clay Bricks for uncomplicated, quick installation and improved stability and durability for Pitchers Mounds, Catcher's and Batter's Boxes

  • Bulk Loads/1 Ton Totes of Customs Infield Mixes for the best Sand/Silt/Clay mixture that best suits your field's needs, whether it be better drainage and softer footing or firmer bounce and lower maintenance 

Moundmaster® Red Blocks

Pitcher's Mound: 137-164 blocks

Batter's Box: 162-291 blocks

Size: 8 blocks/Set


Regardless of the level of play, Turface® Moundmaster® Blocks can help create solid foundations that result in safer, more playable conditions for those on the mound or at the plate.

Athletic Field Marking Chalk

Rate: Varies

Size: 50 lbs.


Ready to use pulverized white limestone for athletic field lines.  Completely safe for athletes and soil.

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