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Meet The Team

At Eco Green Supply our sales team has more than 175 years of combined experience in the green industry.  

Aron Adamczyk


Aron grew up in the green industry.  Being second generation gives him first hand knowledge of  how work and family connect.  Aron has been in distribution sales for 19 years and his passion is getting things ordered right the first time.  Aron Serves Eco Green Supply Clients at our warehouse facility located in Wyoming, Michigan.

Britt Adamczyk


Britt has been in the Golf Industry for over 24 years.  As a golf course superintendent, he developed programs for selective grassy weed control, irrigation water pH/bicarbonate correction, and worked closely with entomologist, Dr. Niemczyk, on field trials.  He’s also worked in the irrigation control and pump system engineering fields. He enjoys helping customers find innovative ways to improve all aspects of their properties.

Steve Adamczyk


Steve has been in the Golf Industry for over 49 years.  He is a MSU Turf Graduate, and as a former Superintendent he can be another set of eyes, offering advice beyond the fertility and plant health aspects of Golf Turf Maintenance.

Scott Haan


Scott has been driving truck since 1979.  He ensures that all product has been shipped to the correct location, undamaged, on time, and that the semi-truck, trailer, and your property are all intact when he's done.

Ronnie McCarter


Ronnie is our newest full time employee! He is also a veteran. He began working here part-time this summer and did such a great job we hired him full time. He will be driving truck, helping in the warehouse and has an extreme knack for fixing machines.

Geoff Van Berkel


Geoff has been in the green industry for over 31 years.  He is serving Eco Green Supply clients as well as working in the grounds department at a local college.  He loves to help clients grow their business through innovation and efficiencies.

Anne Van Doeselaar


Anne is the one who makes sure work is fun! We all know that when we are busy things need to be done and done well.  However, we tend to take things too seriously, but with Anne's help we keep it in perspective.  God has provided a great opportunity for us to serve our clients and be good stewards of His environment and she helps us help you do your best.

MacKenzie Van Dorp


MacKenzie has been helping us out for a number of years.  She works in the office with Aron and Anne to ensure that billing is accurate and that you are informed of upcoming events. 

Tony Van Dorp


Tony has been in the Green Industry for over 38 years.  He has been a Sales Rep. since 1996.  He is very passionate about making sure things are accurate and he is the king of under-promising and over-delivering.

Jeff Rylaarsdam


Jeff has been in the Green Industry for over 32 years.  He has been a Sales Rep. since 1997.  He is very passionate about making sure things are right and he loves to develop new products to help you do your job more efficiently and reduce our Carbon Footprint.

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