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Liquid Ice Melt

Liquid ice melters are more complicated than granular ice melters.  Different Liquids have different functions.  An extremely Eco-friendly solution is to use liquid to treat bulk salt stockpiles!


Something to remember with liquids, even the best liquids contain 70% or more water! The water keeps the solids dissolved in solution and is a carrier to provide proper distribution (USE A GRANULAR IF WATER IS NOT NEEDED!) Additionally, liquids require advanced spray equipment to ensure proper application (be careful not to over-apply because it runs down the drain and into the watershed).

Liquid Ice Melter

CM27 Ice Ban Anti-Icer

Ice Ban CM 27 is designed as an anti-icing and deicing liquid for sensitive environmental areas where significant reductions in Phosphorus and nutrients are necessary to protect a fragile ecosystem. Ice Ban CM27 provides the protection you require with the performance you demand. CM27 Ice Ban is a clear, colorless 27% Calcium Chloride & 3% Magnesium Chloride based liquid delivering excellent performance, extremely low corrosion rates and a depressed freeze point of -24°F.  All of these attributes add up to the product designed to maintain high service levels for roads and the environment.

Application Rate: 6-8 gal./A

Available in Bulk & 250 gal. totes

Parking Ramp App. Rate: 20 gal./A

Effective Melting Temperature: -24°F

Mineral Brine

Our Mineral Brine contains Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. It is an economical choice for newcomers to the liquid ice melt industry.  Can be used as a deicing solution. For Anti-icing use A-Ice, CM30 Ice Ban, or D-Ice.

Application Rate: 100-150 lbs./Ton

Available in Bulk & 250 gal. totes


A-ice is a carbohydrate based additive that is designed to make bulk salt last longer.  Typical application is to apply it directly to bulk salt stockpiles. Additional applications include Anti-icing and Pre-wetting salt.  For deicing use CM30 Ice Ban, D-Ice, or Mineral Brine.

Application Rate: 50-75 lbs./Ton

Available in Bulk & 250 gal. totes

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