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As we begin our sixth year of business we want to thank you for your past patronage to us at Eco Green Supply.  It is because of our loyal clients and vendor support that we have succeeded over the past years.


Our passion for both the Green Industry and helping your business succeed continues to grow.  Here are some of the improvements that we’ve made or that are currently in process:  We have hired additional staff, purchased a 45’ curtainside trailer & Manitou (please remember the height of the trailer is still 13’6” tall and it is available from Spring to Fall).


Because of you and your communication with us, we continue to have a turf grass research field larger than any University in the World...and now includes golf research!  Additionally, your feedback and our own trials help ensure our products are formulated properly. For example, talk to us about: XALT Enhanced Grass Seed, Humic Potassium Coated Urea (HKCU),

22-16-6, and 21-2-7 with Healthy Grow.


To help us serve you to the best of our ability and service you efficiently we have a Semi Truck with a 48’ Trailer, lift gate, and an electric pallet jack (21 pallets), a GMC Stake Truck that pulls a flatbed trailer (6 pallets), and new for 2018 a curtainside trailer with a Manitou (Available Spring to Fall)!  To best utilize our resources we try and coordinate your order with other deliveries, so please provide us with a two day window for deliveries.


We look forward to what God has in store for all of us in 2018.  There are many uncertainties; however, we know who holds the future and we are grateful for any success God provides.


May God Bless You in 2018!




Tony Van Dorp                      Jeff Rylarsdam

Tony Van Dorp                                           Jeff Rylaarsdam

616-826-8770                                           616-826-8784