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Landscape Edging

curv- rite edging

Why Use an imitation when you can purchase the original!  

Curv-Rite edgings are manufactured in West Michigan by people who support the green industry and are members of MNLA.

Curv-Rite Aluminum Edging can be used in a variety of applications from separating lawns from bed areas, separating mulch from flower beds.  It can also be used in conjunction with stone as pathway edging, or as a maintenance edging around the perimeter of a building.

Curv-Rite aluminum edging is extremely flexible enabling landscape architects and landscape designers the freedom to create any type of curvilinear design with the confidence that the lawn edging they specify will meet their demands.  The easier the lawn edging is to install, the better the installation.  The better the installation, the better the edging will perform over time.

Landscape Edging
Curv-Rite likens their aluminum edging to a beautiful frame that surrounds a famous masterpiece.  The job of the frame is to give the painting a more finished look.  To help define the edges of the painting.  The frame should not draw the eye away from the masterpiece but instead should complement the work.  

Quality landscape edging should meet the same criterion. It is the goal of Curv-Rite to design and manufacture quality landscape edging that will discreetly frame landscapes, are easy to install and will last a lifetime.  Aluminum is the medium in which they have chosen to create these quality landscape edging.  Aluminum is lightweight, will not rust and is a third of the weight of steel.  The aluminum alloy they have chosen for their landscape edging is the same alloy used by the aerospace industry.

Commercial Grade Aluminum Edging
(Mill, Black**, Green**, & Bronze** Finish)
16' piece-14 pieces/box (224')
Comes with 5 stakes/piece

Stable Edge-Paver Restraint
(Mill or Black** Finish)

8' piece-30 pieces/box (240')

You need to purchase nails separately


Why use aluminum?  Aluminum is also one of the most highly recycled materials in the world.  Aluminum can be recycled an infinite amount of times without any loss of product during the recycling process.

Aluminum is lightweight and will never rust.  It is extremely flexible and can be shaped into a multitude of designs. Because of its light weight, aluminum is easy to ship making it accessible to a wide range of customers.  Aluminum can be extruded to gain structural strength within its profile.  Of all the edging materials available:  wood, plastic and steel; Aluminum has by far the highest strength to weight ratio.

Also Available

We can also supply you with these Curv-Rite products...

  • 4" Left & Right Corners (Pairs) in Deco Black and Mill Finish

  • Curv-Rite Design Edging stakes (70 or 100 stakes each)

  • Maintenance Strip Edging with a Mill Finish (16 ft.)

  • 3/8" x 10" Spiral spikes (250 spikes each)

  • Stable Edge (1/8x1) by (5/8x8) L shaped Flex edging (30 pieces/box)

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