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USE WITH Selective Herbicides

Improve™-Premium Nonionic Surfactant has excellent wetting and surface tension attributes.  It provides enhanced penetration and allows the spray droplet to remain in a moist state long enough to allow enhanced pesticide uptake.  Improve™ does not contain isopropyl alcohol or fatty acids as an “active” ingredient.  It does include an effective silicone based de-foaming system that allows the spray solution to be relatively foam free.  The active portion also contains a small amount of a proprietary humectant blend that enhances the “re-wetting” properties of the base NIS blend.  Improve™ may be used in aquatic applications at labeled rates.

Turf and hydrophobic soils can benefit from Improve™ by allowing water to infiltrate the soil. Experience is the best guide for correct rates.  Use a range of 2-8 oz. of Improve™/M initially, then 1/2 of the initial rate used monthly.  Always use at least 2 gal. water/M. when applying Improve™.

Turf Rate: 32-64 oz./100 gal.

Size: 1 qt. or 2.5 gal.

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Duo Stick Select™
Use With Herbicides that have Quinclorac

Duo Stick Select™ is a high-quality blend of organo-silicone surfactants (OSS) and methylated soybean oils (MSO).  Make sure to use it with Quinclorac.  Designed for use with herbicides that call for an MSO and does not exclude the use of an OSS.  Duo Stick Select™ will be the last product added to the tank mix.

Turf Rate: 16-48 oz./100 gal.

Size: 1 qt. and 2.5 gal

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Adhere™ (Spreader/Sticker)
USE WITH Insecticides

ADHERE™ is a superior, concentrated "sticker". It spreads the solution over the leaf surface, then forms a pliable film containing the pesticide.  This film will resist "wash-off", and since the film is flexible, the plant may grow without damaging the barrier formed.

Landscape Rate: 3-12 oz./100 gal.

Size: 1 qt.

adhere image.png

Condition ND™
Use With Roundup

CONDITION ND™ is a unique, superior water conditioning agent. It contains ammonium sulfate and a multi-functional water conditioning agent which renders Ca, Mg, and Fe unavailable to the complex with a pesticide.

Rate: 16-64 oz./100 gal.

Size: 2.5 gal.

condition ND image.png

Defoamer Select

Defoamer Select™ is a water-based, silicone emulsion, antifoam and defoamer that can be used to prevent foam formation or knock down existing foam. Reducing and eliminating the foam during tank mixing, allows the product to be more thoroughly agitated during the mix process and reduces the threat of chemical spills.

Turf Rate: 0.5-2 oz./100 gal.

Size: 1 qt.

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Orange Peel™

Orange Peel™ is an all-natural, solvent degreaser for extremely heavy-duty soils.  It contains no petroleum or chlorinated solvents. Orange Peel™ is 100% active ingredients.

Rate: 4-8 oz./gal.

Size: 1 qt.

orange peel image.png

Remove™ Spray Tank Cleaner

REMOVE™ Spray Tank Cleaner is a superior, concentrated cleaning material. This product can help remove all the buildup and residues remaining in the tank after application.

Rate: 32 oz./ 100 gal.

Size: 1 gal.

remove image.png

Turf Marker Blue Select™

Turf Marker Blue Select™ is a versatile, easy-to-use, non-toxic colorant for turf and ornamental liquid pesticide and fertilizer applications.  It helps show applicators where they have sprayed to help avoid costly over-application.

Turf Rate: 16-24 oz./ 100 gal.

Size: 1 gal.

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Control™ is a highly concentrated drift mitigation adjuvant that increases droplet size while decreasing droplet bounce.  It also lowers the rate of evaporation giving the product more time to work its way into the plant.

Turf Rate:  0.5-1 oz./100 gal.

Size:  1 qt.

control image.png


Transflim® coats the plant’s leaves in a glossy film that protects the plant while decreasing the rate of transpiration.  It can also help reduce dew formation on turf grass, which is beneficial on turf such as golf courses.

Rate: 2-2.5 gal./A

Size: 1 gal.

TransFilm Product Image.png

Tee Time Select

A long term pigment solution that will provide a natural green color for extended periods. Color intensity can be adjusted by adding more or less  to pesticide spray solutions. Apply with standard spray equipment to prevent skips and overlaps. Tee Time Select also aids in protecting your valuable chemistry from photo-degradation.

Turf Rate: 15-20 oz./A

Size: 1 gal.

PS 804 Select

PS 804 select combines the effects of a surfactant, penetrant, acidifier, & deposition aid in one convenient formulation.

Rate: 32 oz./100 gal.        

Size: 2.5 gal.

Flumioxazin 51% WDG

Flumioxazin 51.0% WDG™  Herbicide is a fast-acting aquatic herbicide that delivers speedy contact control of tough noxious and invasive weeds. With proven activity on floating and submersed plants, Flumioxazin offers valuable application flexibility. Flumioxazin works fast and quickly degrades from the water column. It does not accumulate in sediment.

Rate:  6-12 oz./Surface A

Size:  5 lbs.

Cutrine Plus Granular*

Cutrine®-Plus Granular Algaecide is fast acting, and works great on bottom forming algae, like Chara and Nitella.

Rate: 20-210 lbs./A

Size:  30 lbs.

Aqua Blue Select

Rejuvenate the dull, lackluster water in controlled water systems such as ponds, lakes, lagoons and other water features with the Select soluble granule line of products. Aqua Blue Select™ creates an elegant mirror-like effect while limiting sunlight penetration into the water. Aqua Blue SG Select is a unique formulation which filters a wide range of the UV light spectrum. All formulations are non-toxic to aquatic species, water fowl and pets, and the water is available for recreational activities or irrigation immediately after full dispersal.

Size: 10 x 4 oz.

Copper Sulfate*

Copper Sulfate is a granulated algaecide great for treatment of pond and lake algae and is also suited for treating areas to eliminate swimmer's itch and Leech issues.

Rate: 0.68-5.44 lbs./A            

Size: 50 lbs.


Assure Pond Pucks*

Assure Pond Pucks contain a biologically diverse microbial system specifically formulated to remove excess nutrients such as phosphates, nitrates and ammonia from the entire water column. When aqueous environments are overloaded with contaminants they tend to become murky and the entire ecosystem becomes unbalanced. When the excess nutrient load is removed the end result is improved water clarity, reduced organic sediment and suspended particulate matter, a reduction in foul odors and an overall improvement in water quality.

Apply a Shock Dose at 45ºF

Shock Dose=16 Tablets/Acre Foot

Monthly Maintenance Dose=8 Tablets/Acre Foot

Size:  10 lbs.


Navigate® Granular Aquatic Herbicide*

This simple to use, Navigate® granular aquatic herbicide is perfect for spot treating weeds around docks, beach areas and shorelines. Navigate® herbicide kills the roots of many plants such as Water Milfoil, and Coontail. This aquatic weed control works on both submerged and floating aquatic weeds.

Rate: 100-200 lbs./A         

Size: 50 lbs.

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