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Hydro Mulch

Our Hydro Mulch is devoid of foreign material and pumps freely in the hydro mulch tank

Pro-Matrix™ Engineered Fiber Matrix (EFM)

This advanced engineered formulation is designed to provide superior erosion control and revegetation solutions for the most critical project sites (up to 1:1 slopes).  Easy Hydraulic application maximizes time savings and installed cost effectiveness. Non-toxic, no netting and completely degradable.

Rate:  3,000-4,500 lbs./A

Size:  50 lbs.

Profile Pro-Matrix


EcoBlend™ is a combination of cellulose and wood fiber that enhances water holding capacity, reduces soil erosion while improving turf coverage and is easier to pump than other products.  It meets or exceeds all requirements for wood and paper fiber mulch and is available with or without tack.

Rate:  1,500-2,500 lbs./A

Size:  50 lbs.

Profile EcoBlend +Tack


When the job site demands absolute performance, Flexterra stands alone as the ultimate erosion control and revegetation solution. It’s also proven to surpass all hydraulically applied mulch products and turf establishment blankets, allowing it to deliver the highest germination and growth establishment while ensuring greater erosion control and the ultimate defense against significant rain events and costly do-overs.

Rate:  3,000-4,500 lbs./A

Size:  50 lbs.

Profile Flexterra

SB 50/50 +3% Tack

Profile® SB 50/50 is higher loading compared to traditional blend products (60 lb/100 gal compared to 50 lbs/100 gal). It’s easy to mix and shoot with virtually any type of hydroseeder.

Rate:  2,000-3,000lbs./A

Size:  50 lbs.

Profile SB 50/50 +3% Tack

EZ Mulch™

EZ Mulch™ has a granular texture provides excellent coverage, making it more economical than other pelleted mulches.  This improved coverage reduces soil and water runoff.  The granules expand as they absorb water.  After germination, the mulch biodegrades, adding beneficial organic matter to the soil.  It can be applied by hand, with a drop spreader, and hydraulically.

Rate:  1,700 lbs./A

Size:  50 lbs.

EZ Mulch


Proganics™ is a product designed to create a base for new soil formation.  It is special engineered to help establish new plants and grasses while preventing erosion. For more information, see the brochure below.

Rate:  3500-5000 lbs./A

Size:  50 lbs.


Edge Earthguard® Pellets

Applied hydraulically, Edge's compact and quickly expanding pellet makes it simple to transport, handle, load, and compared to other hydraulically applied erosion products, requires approximately 50% less water to install.  Possessing a 99.9%+ erosion control rating, a low application rates, makes it much more economical than other top tiered spray-on and blanket 

Edge Earthguard Pellets

Erosion Blankets

Our Erosion Blankets will help keep your plants where you want them, and avoid the cost of reapplying fertilizer due to runoff.

Futerra® F4 Netless® Green Erosion Blankets

Futerra® F4 Netless® blanket will provide great aesthetic quality as well as preventing 99.9% of erosion.  It also does not have any loose threads that would cause a potential danger to humans and wildlife.

Size: 78"x90'

Futerra F4 Netless Green Erosion Blankets

Straw Mulch Blanket

Straw mulch blankets provide seed and soil with protection from wind and rain. The straw also provides developing plants with a source of nutrients as they decompose and become part of the soil. **Available in Single Sided or High Velocity Double Sided**

Size: 8'x112.5' : 100 sq. yds

Straw Mulch Blanket

Hydromulch Additives

Adding these products can help improve the quality and effectiveness of the hydroseed you are applying.


AquaGel-D™ is an amazing water absorbing product that can be used to help prevent excess moisture after hydroseeding. It can hold up to 400 times its weight in distilled water, and can allow fertilizer to be more readily available to the newly mulched seed.

Rate: 2 lbs/A

Size: 16 lbs.


FiberBond Ultra™

When added to fiber hydromulch, this product increases the strength of the mechanical and chemical bonds between the mulch particles.  It also helps increase the velocity and distance that the hydromulch will spread at and increases the speed of germination in the grass seed.

Rate: Varrie by slope

Size: 7.5 lbs.

FiberBond Ultra

Earth Tack (PAM)™ 

A polyacrylamide (PAM) flocculating soil stabilizer, Earth Tack™ coagulates soil particles suspended in water, dropping them from runoff. Earth Tack can be used for temporary erosion and dust control. Just one 3-lb jug will provide temporary stabilization to 1 acre of exposed soil! 

  • Increases shooting distance of the hydraulic mulch slurry due to slickifier

  • Improves water infiltration into the seedbed

  • Increases water-holding capacity of hydroseeding slurry

  • Enhances suspension of seeds and fertilizer

Rate:  3 lbs./A

Size:  3 lb Jug


Tacking Agent 3 All-Purpose Tackifier

Tacking Agent 3 has long set the standard as an effective binding agent. It is proven to reduce soil erosion and water runoff immediately after hydroseeding as well as control dust on soils. 

  • Multi-dimensional tack requires no cure time and contains marker dye, flocculant and hydrocolloid polymers.

  • Binds with straw/hay, hydraulic mulches can control dust on soils.

  • Slickifier increases the shooting distance of the hydraulic mulch slurry.

  • Improves water- holding capacity of mulches and marker dye enhances visual metering. 

Rate: 30 lbs/A

Size: 20 lb bag or 7 x 3 lb case

Tacking Agent 3

Landscape Fabric

We can supply your company with these high quality landscape fabrics...

  • 3'x50' 2 oz. Pro Silver Landscape Fabric

  • 3'x300' 2 oz. Pro Silver Landscape Fabric

  • 4'x300' 2 oz. Pro Silver Landscape Fabric

  • 6'x300' 2 oz. Pro Silver Landscape Fabric 

  • 12'x300' 3 oz. Spun Bound Fabric

  • 3'x300' 3 oz. Pro Silver Plus Fabric

  • 3'x360' 4 oz. NonWoven Fabric

  • 7.5'x360' 4 oz. NonWoven Fabric

  • 6.25'x360' 6 oz. NonWoven Fabric

  • 6'x300' 3 oz. Spun Bound Fabric

  • 4'x250' Pro Platinum

Also Available...

  • Boxes of 1,000 Metal Staples 

  • Boxes of 500 Wood Pegs

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